"Working with Aaron on our creative needs is much less work and much more creative exploration. His knowledge of people and what makes them do what they do is amazing. Merge that knowledge with his vocal, production and editing skills and his material is adored by our clients. He is on time, on budget, and upfront. You could not ask for a stronger creative colleague."
Michael J. Mendelssohn, CMO
The Mendelssohn Group, Inc.

Words are emotions, emotions produce interest, interest develops connections, and connections build brands. Aaron Adams owner of AZA Productions brings it all to his clients in every campaign. There are a number of professional copywriters that understand the correct way to put words together that make for good copy. As someone who has been in the broadcast industry for 35 years, the difference between a successful media campaign and a commercial is the copy. Aaron Adams is a developer of great campaigns. Aaron understands what makes for successful campaigning. Aaron builds into his clients campaigns all of the important elements that make for successful marketing. It does not matter if the campaign is for the ears or for the eyes. Aaron develops campaigns specific to the client’s audience. Who will hear or read the copy? What are their likes, priorities, worries and dreams? What situation will they be in when they hear or read the copy? Aaron will get to know the clients product or service and develops the strategy that best delivers the story, what does the product or service do? How does it work? What is new, different or unique about it? There is always a purpose to any campaign, and Aaron knows what you need to achieve with your copy? The benefit for the client is how this relates to the customers’ needs and more importantly their desires. How does your product or service help them? The strategy than becomes the talent that Aaron Adams brings to his clients campaigns. Creative copywriting can be like putting together a puzzle. What may seem to be very puzzling to you will be put together in a very clear and direct development of good successful copy, built by one of the very best in the business. If you want your customers to know who you are, what you do, and react to your messages. Aaron Adams is one of the best puzzle masters in the business. I have been in the broadcast business for over 35 years, I have only one copywriter that I recommend to clients, he is my puzzle master. Aaron Adams of AZA Productions.

Bob Kolen, Sales & Marketing Director
USA 2 GO Quick Stores